Ina is a major player in the production of documentaries in France, but also calls on foreign partners to develop ambitious co-productions.

Productions and co-productions

Ina has been innovating in all areas of image since it was founded. Every year, it produces or co-produces dozens of programmes with a strong editorial line, placing all the topics covered into perspective and context.

Ina also aims to play an active role in introducing new audiovisual writing styles, highlighting new talent, and working in all the new areas of audiovisual expression and means of diffusion.

Over the years, more than 2,300 documentaries and programmes produced by Ina have been included in broadcasts by the main French and international televisions channels, and, more recently, the new forms of expression and diffusion made available by digital technology – starting with Ina PREMIUM, the on-demand service launched by Ina in October 2015.

International productions

Among the 60 annual productions (on average) Ina works on as an associate producer, international co-productions enable it to reach audiences on all continents.

This is the case of the Serge Viallet series "Mystères d’archives" (Mysteries in the Archives), which in 2017 is in its fifth season: an Ina/Arte co-production with Finnish and Swiss television and the participation of the Canadian Film Office (ONF).

Recent international co-productions include Zhao Liang’s "Behemoth", a prizewinner at the Venice Mostra in 2015, "France Israël" by Camille Clavel, "Georges Braque, autoportrait" by Michael Gaumnitz, "Picasso, la naissance d’une icône" (Picasso, the birth of an icon) by Hopi Lebel, "Jérôme Bosch, le diable aux ailes d’ange" (Hieronymous Bosch, the devil with angel wings) by Eve Ramboz and Nathalie Plicot, and "Cuba en suspens" (Cuba pending) by Carmen Castillo.

To celebrate the centenary of the 1914-18 war, Ina has co-produced the series "La Grande guerre des nations" (The Great War of Nations) by Eric Deroo, a project developed with six partners, including, for the first time, the Saudi channel Al Arabiya, and Canadian television.  

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Ina galaxy
Welcome to the Ina Galaxy! Access all of our services in one click.

Over 400,000 video clips and Ina creations are accessible free of charge on your computer, your tablet or your smartphone on, Ina’s general public digital platform.

  • A wide range of open-access audiovisual and web creations 
  • All the modules produced by Ina for the franceinfo channel, France’s leading public service digital news website
  • You will also find theme-based collections, cult programmes and all the personalities who have marked radio and television history

Ina PREMIUM, Ina’s video-on-demand offer

With Ina PREMIUM, the first video-on-demand service available by public audiovisual subscription, you have unlimited access to over 30,000 original programmes

  • 5,000 series and fictional programmes
  • 3,000 documentaries
  • 12,000 cult programmes

Ina MEDIAPRO, Ina’s online content sales service

View, select and order on line our images and sounds on Ina MEDIAPRO, Ina’s online digital platform especially designed for audiovisual and communication professionals.

  • Over 1,640,000 hours of digitised radio and television programmes
  • Some 600 theme-based collections
  • Exclusive collections enhanced each year by 150,000 hours of programmes

Media News: Ina observes and decodes!

News on the creative industries and information networks in the digital revolution era: our online review Ina GLOBAL decodes the media world for you.

  • Over 300 international contributors
  • 15 new articles or special reports every month
  • Permanent monitoring of media and digital news 

The National Audiovisual Institute

Find out all about Ina: our corporate website groups all the information on our assignments, collections, offers and services, and our latest news.

  • In just a few clicks, find all the offers and services that meet your needs!
  • Follow Ina’s news and find all our press releases
  • Discover all the Ina collections!

Ina training courses

Find training in audiovisual and new media-related jobs and professions with Ina, which offers a comprehensive range of higher education and professional training courses.

  • 15 audiovisual and new media courses, from BAC (Baccalaureate) + 2 years to BAC + 5 years
  • 500 further education training courses
  • Over 100 educational complements on line for students and trainees

Ina Expertise & Consultancy

Ina makes its expertise available to companies and institutions that would like to preserve and enhance their collections

  • Preserving content on physical and digital media
  • Archiving treatment and indexing preserved content
  • Collection management and enhancement
  • Management of legal risks 

Catalogue of archives deposited with the Ina THEQUE

Consult the Ina archives and contribute to their scientific enhancement: throughout France, Ina THEQUE centres are open to academics, researchers, students and amateurs. 

• 16,000,000 hours of radio and television documents
• 14,000 media websites
• Programmes can be consulted one day after they are broadcast

Ina Research & Innovation

Discover all the Ina innovations: Ina Research offers to test your prototypes and invites you to demonstrations of technologies developed at the Institute.

  • Try out and experiment with our innovative tools and projects
  • Download data games made available to the scientific community
  • Access our open-source video reader

Electronic music – Ina GRM

Ina GRM, the Ina Musical Research group, offers creative activities and innovative tools in sound and electro-acoustic music.

  • An international season of concerts
  • Software to create sound and educational tools
  • Programmes produced for Radio France and for the web

Ina in the service of TV and Web production

All our productions, and all our creations: films and web programmes, which all reflect an original editorial identity based on our unrivalled expertise in the visual treatment of archives.

  • 60 films produced or co-produced every year
  • 3 daily video modules created for franceinfo, France’s leading public service digital news website
  • New formats for all screens and new media

The Ina Boutique

Order CDs and DVDs published by Ina: cult programmes from television and radio and our latest creations. Hundreds of exclusive CDs and DVDs are just waiting to be discovered at Ina’s online boutique. 

  • Over 150 DVD titles
  • Over 250 CD titles available
  • A wide choice of photos, printed on demand. 

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