Signature, designed and developed by Ina, is a software that generates a digital fingerprint proper to each video sequence. This enables you to detect content and its copies, even after the original sequence has been transformed.

Signature detects video copies: it provides an effective and easy-to-use solution to manage your rights and moderate content.

INA Signature is a Saas-based solution powered by fingerprinting and big data and developed by the French Institut national de l’audiovisuel (INA). INA Signature was created for rights holders who wish to protect their content, post-production providers managing rights portfolios as well as video-sharing platforms who seek to protect their partner rights holders and protect themselves against legal action. It was also created for Internet monitoring operators looking for a powerful comparison engine, linked to one of the most extensive video file data lakes in the world. In a landscape in which copies can be made instantly and free of charge, INA Signature is an intuitive tool providing effective video copy detection. INA Signature is an integrated and user-friendly service, which empowers legal departments, video editorial boards and rights managers to make the best use of their video content.

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