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Ina is a centre of innovation, which develops tools and protoypes adopted by professionals the world over.

Signature protects your content

The Signature software enables the user to quickly generate digital print files for each video. These digital prints are small IT codes produced by the analysis of the luminance from certain areas of images representing the unique character of a content set. This process enables Signature to identify any past or future copy of a video programme, including when the images have been altered.

A highly reliable technology, it enables users to compare substantial content with a large number of video streams, even when content has been modified. The system is designed to avoid any false detection, thereby enabling excellent automation.

GRM Tools: cutting-edge tools used all over the world

Ina’s musical research group (Ina GRM), which produces international concerts and programmes for Radio France, designed GRM Tools. These audio-processing plug-ins are the fruit of many years of experimenting and developing software for musicians, composers and sound designers, and are used the world over.

GRM Tools is a bundle of audio plug-ins that offers powerful audio processing and creative sound design features. From subtle audio corrections to the most creative sound effects, GRM Tools has been used by renowned international artists and sound designers.

The new CLASSIC version 3 has been re-written from scratch providing total compatibility and control with actual DAWS and computer OS features. As all new GRM Tools (third generation), Classic is available in RTAS, VST and Audio Unit formats and can also be used in Stand-Alone mode.

Amalia.js: the HTML5 multimedia player 

Amalia.js is an HTML5 multimedia player, which allows you to synchronise any type of metadata with a video and/or audio stream within the same web navigator. Amalia.js, entirely developed by Ina, is available as an open-source player. 

The Research Area website

Launched in 2015, the Research Area website acts as a laboratory for Ina’s various areas of innovation, from collection research projects to marketing activities.

The Research Area website enables users to test demonstrations of several research projects Ina has developed in recent years. These include Diginpix, a system which identifies visual entities in images and videos, Syncnotes (time tracking of TV news topics), Bobino (rapid access to video content) and Speech Trax (vocal tracking of famous speakers in the French audiovisual landscape).
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