Research & Innovation: latest development during the Covid 19 pandemic

INA’s “Research and Innovation” teams have strongly mobilised to propose new offerings and to carry out research during this unprecedented period in history in which computer sciences and new audio-visual narration practices are taking centre stage.

The institute strengthened its INA Signature offering and launched Traçabilité [Traceability], a service for detecting any copy of video content useful for all content producers. INA has also partnered with Rewind, a start-up specialized in innovating guided visits, in offering INA video content related to the month’s news.

At the same time, INA Research teams analysed the treatment of information on television during the Covid 19 period. The results led to publication of two articles on online media in La Revue des Médias [The Review of Online Media].

INA Signature and Traceability

In a world where copying is everywhere free and instantaneous, INA has designed and developed the Signature Application in order to detect them. Based on fingerprinting and big data technologies, this application creates a unique numerical imprint for every video sequence, thereby enabling the detection of copies of videos, even after transformation of the original sequence. Aimed at rights holders, post-production players, sharing platforms, or even research operators, this easy-to-use tool is backed by one of the largest video file data lakes in the world and covers all uses of video content.

The Institute also offers the “Traçabilité” service to locate any copy of proprietary video content in a bundle of TV streams captured by INA or its partners.

More information on INA’s new projects and services >>>


New audio-visual narration practices

A player in media transformation, the Institute is associated with new innovative audio-visual narration practices. It is in this context that a pilot was launched during April with the startup Rewind, by offering 9 items of INA video content relating to the month’s news: Jacques Brel's birthday, the legalisation of women’s voting rights, or the (non-)launch of the iPhone 9 etc. A geolocated podcast application that can be quickly found on your smartphone, to stroll through the streets of the capital!


Research publications

During the lockdown, The Media Reviews and INA researchers have strongly mobilised themselves for studying this unprecedented period in the history of televised information, thanks to voices’ automatic transcription from one part, and, on the other part, detection and decoding of information banners presenting hosts and speakers on the television screens. Having carried out analyses on the capture of television streams under copyright legislation, the institute has made a quantitative assessment of the role taken up by the coronavirus and lockdown on television screens, particularly on continuous information channels: never has there been a news item on television channels that occupied so much air time for such a long duration. 

INA has focused on analysing the data collected, from the perspective of women’s voice in television. The results reveal a clear inequality regarding the authoritative status of men and women: the health crisis has placed health at the centre of news topics covered by television. Despite the fact that the health sector is very feminised, figures of authority on television remain predominantly male in this sector, as in all others. Men are more represented in positions of authority (doctor, head of department). On the other hand, women are four times more represented in positions of weak authority (nurse, caregiver).

These two studies, which will continue, are part of the Gender Equality Monitor project, which has been funded by the ANR (Agence nationale de la recherche - National Research Agency).

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