INA-Signature protects all media rights holders

INA-Signature, 2018 winner of the Emmy Award® for Technology and Engineering, enables you to detect content and its copies, even after the original video has been transformed. The Signature technology can now be used in different ways with tailored offers.

What is INA-Signature

The INA-Signature technology was designed 10 years ago by the Research and Development Department of INA. The INA-Signature technology generates a digital fingerprint for each video sequence.  It makes the detection of the content and its copies possible, even after the original video has been transformed. This technology enables a highly reliable comparison of an important collection of contents with a large number of video streams. The system was designed to be robust to content modifications, and set up to avoid any false-positives, ensuring its processing speed.  

A proven and internationally recognized technology 

Since 2011, INA-Signature has gained many international audiovisual players’ confidence: international rights holders (Europacorp, Gaumont…), television broadcasters, sport leagues, but also web media platforms (Dailymotion), content monitoring service providers, or companies specialized in anti-piracy.

In April 2018, at the Nab/Show Las Vegas 2018, INA-Signature received the Emmy Award® for Technology and Engineering, in the category “Video Identification Technology to protect content value and copyright.

The Signature software is a “fingerprinting” technology, not a “watermarking” technology, which only identifies tattooed copies.

• Fingerprinting provides a detailed analysis of content and gives it a “genetic code” without modifying the content. The fingerprint permits the identification of past and future copies of the video. 
• A watermark is an invisible tattoo, which only identifies tattooed copies.

Signature’s main feature is the detection of copies of videos (it does not take audio tracks into account). It finds the segment it considers to be a copy of the original, including when the video has been modified.


 - Identify copyrighted content

-  Ensure copyright compliance

 -  Protect and monetize content value

New offers to adapt the international clients’ needs

To continue the INA-Signature international development, and to ensure that it meets the clients’ needs, the service functionalities have been redefined. Its proposes three different offers:

-   For rights holders, to protect and manage their content

-   For the web media platforms, to manage the distribution rights, block or monetize the content

-   For content monitoring service suppliers, to ensure their clients’ content protection, provide them with research, broadcast or anti-piracy services.

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