40 years of innovation

Ina has deployed its expertise to serve our audiovisual heritage and professionals working in the audiovisual sector, in France and on international markets, since 1975.


Following an agreement with South Africa signed in 2013, Ina digitised and restored the sound recordings of the trial of Nelson Mandela and the ANC leaders (Rivonia Trial, 1963/1964) and delivered them to South Africa.



Ina PREMIUM was launched  – the first on demand video service by subscription offered by a public audiovisual company in France. 



Ina deployed a new system whereby researchers and students can consult its collections in the municipal media libraries of several regions. These multimedia stations are gradually being installed in Pessac, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Grenoble, Nancy and Metz. The objective is 50 stations in 2019.


French law officially put Ina in charge of the legal deposit of French web media.


In 2007, Ina SUP, an audiovisual and digitisation faculty was opened offering two specialised Master's courses in archiving and production.


The launch of the ina.fr website gave the general public access to over 100,000 radio and television programmes.



The Signature research project introduced an infrastructure that automatically tracks the TV broadcasting of content from Ina collections. This technology went on to be used by rights holders in Europe and the United States and video-sharing websites.



2004 saw the launch of inamediapro.com. Ina MEDIAPRO is more than a website: it is used by audiovisual professionals to conduct research, and select and order archives. It facilitates access to the world’s largest audiovisual archive database.



Ina launched a vast plan to preserve and digitise all the images and sounds it manages. The aim was to combat the deterioration of physical archive formats and to promote the multimedia use of the archives. This pioneering approach made Ina the worldwide reference in the field.



Ina was entrusted with the legal deposit for all French radio and television channels. The Inathèque de France was launched in 1995 and set up its Consultation Centre at the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) in 1998.



Ina launched GRM-Tools, a real-time sound transformation and synthesis software. Today, the third version of the GRM-Tools Collection, which went into service in 2014, is used by composers, sound mixers and designers the world over.


Ina took part in the “Image Research Plan”, developed 2D and 3D animation software, and organised Imagina, an annual forum on “new images”.


Ina was a founding member of the International Federation of Television Archives (FIAT/IFTA), alongside the BBC (UK) and the RAI (Italy).



When Ina was founded, following the break-up of ORTF, it was assigned a number of roles: the preservation of French radio and television archives, the production of original programmes, research and professional training. 

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