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Ina handles part of the legal deposit of Web media, corresponding to its activity of archiving productions from the audiovisual communications sector. Today, the everyday reception and preservation of French Web media concerns websites as well as social media and video accounts, a total of 34,000 web media sources.

Why archive the Web?

The French law of 1 August 2006 on Authors’ and related rights in the information society (DADVSI), for which implementing decrees were published in December 2011, introduced a legal deposit for the Internet. This legal basis outlined the task entrusted to Ina and France’s national library, the BnF concerning the archiving of Internet documents.

The law was introduced in response to the growing importance of digital media in people’s everyday lives, and to the new means of media distribution, which oblige heritage institutions to invent tools that will keep a trace of these media for the future.

34 000 web sources preserved

Today, over 14 000 websites are preserved at Ina as part of the Internet legal deposit. The frequency and amount of information collection is adapted in accordance with the updates and size of each website. The constantly changing, reactive nature of the media necessarily requires assiduous forward-looking to keep up to date and enrich the scope of the archived websites in the continuity and consistency of Ina’s collections.

In line with the evolution of Internet publications, collection and preservation have been extended to text and video publications of 20,000 media-related user accounts from social media and video publication platforms, such as Twitter, Youtube and Dailymotion, as well as a continuous stream of 30 web radios and over 300 hashtags.

Since January 2009, new items that track site update strategies closely have been added to the archive of French websites in the audiovisual communications sector. Cooperation with the American foundation Internet Archive, a pioneer in Web conservation, has enabled Ina to complete its collections, which now date back to 1996.

Which websites are preserved?

Ina preserves French media websites:

  • websites produced by audiovisual media departments (public and private channels), including On-Demand media
  • Web TV and Web radios
  • websites devoted mainly to radio and television programmes 
    (sites devoted to regular programmes, series, and fan sites)
  • websites produced by professional and institutional bodies in the audiovisual communications sector

Ina is also a member of the IIPC (International Internet Preservation Consortium), founded in 2003 to share the best practices of Web archiving and to encourage international cooperation between players active in this area, which remains experimental. IIPC members included national archives and national, regional and university libraries in 25 countries

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